Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions we receive. If you still have questions or are not sure what you need – get in touch! We’re happy to help and promise to respond within 24 hours.

About Law

How long is law school?

Law school in Canada takes 3 years. At the end of your 3 years you graduate with a law degree, now commonly referred to as a Juris Doctor (JD).

If you are considering a career as a lawyer and have questions about the law, law school or the application process, check out our Thinking of Law package, or book a free consultation with one of our lawyer-advisors who can help answer any questions you have, commitment-free.

FUN FACT: Law degrees in Canada were previously commonly referred to as a Bachelor of Laws (LLB). In 2001, this started to change. The main reason? To ensure Canadian law graduates were not disadvantaged in the international job market, where most law students, including our neighbours to the south, received a Juris Doctor degree upon graduation.

You see, while Canada – like Australia and England – referred to its law degree as a “bachelor of laws”, the reality was that our law degree – unlike Australia and England – was nothing like an undergraduate degree. While LLB graduates from other countries could head into law school straight out of high school, our law schools require at least some level of post-secondary study for admission. In fact, before stepping foot in their first law class most law students have already earned an undergrad degree. Sp while the curriculum has remained the same, the name of the degree has changed to more accurately reflect what is required to graduate with a law degree in Canada.

What are law school admission requirements in Canada?

Every law school is different. However, most Canadian law schools require a minimum GPA of 3.2, with the average competitive GPA being 3.7 or above. Most law schools in Canada also require an LSAT score of 155 or above, with the average competitive LSAT score being 161 or above.

Of course there are a variety of factors law schools consider when making their application decisions, and none of your scores are completely determinative. This is especially the case if you fall into alternative admissions categories (e.g: Canadian Forces application, Aboriginal applicant, Mature applicant).

If you would like to see where you stand as a law school applicant, check out our Applicant Profile Assessment or our Thinking of Law package.

NOTE: Not all Canadian law schools require the LSAT. Some law schools (mostly those with an entirely French curriculum) do not accept LSAT scores at all. We do not assist with applications to French-only law schools at this time.

If you are thinking of applying to law school, have questions about the process, or are looking for an application coach to ensure your application is as compelling as possible, check out our Applying to Law package. Alternatively, feel free to book a free consultation with one of our lawyer-advisors, who can help answer any questions you have commitment-free.

What is an articling student?

After you graduate law school and receive your JD, you are not yet officially a lawyer. In order to become a lawyer in Canada – i.e. to be able to practice as a lawyer in Canada – you must:

  1. Write and pass the bar exam in the province of your choice; and
  2. Article*.

So what is articling? Articling is simply working under the supervision of a licensed and qualified lawyer for 10 months. It is the last and final step to becoming a lawyer in Canada. You can complete your articles with:

  • a law firm – whether that be a large firm, boutique firm or sole practitioner;
  • a legal clinic;
  • an in-house legal department (ie. for the legal department of a company/business); or
  • a government office.

If you are looking for an articling position, check out our Finding Articles package. Alternatively, feel free to book a free consultation with one of our lawyer-advisors, who can help answer any questions you have commitment-free.

*NOTE: There are some alternatives to articling, such as the Law Practice Program in Ontario, or clerking with a judge. If you are interested in an alternative to articling, please contact us or book a free consultation with one of our lawyer-advisors.

About Us

What makes you qualified to help me get into law school, find an articling position and become a lawyer?

Every single one of our advisors is a Canadian lawyer with a degree from a Canadian law school. Not only that, but many of our lawyer-advisors have also served on the hiring committees of law firms. That is why we know how to get you into law school and become an articling student in Canada – because we’ve done it! We strongly believe our knowledge and experience is invaluable – something we wished we had when applying. We started Gown and Gavel as a way of sharing our experience with you, and helping you navigate what can otherwise be an overwhelming and intimidating process.

Are all of your services online?

Yes, and this is by design. Our goal is to offer our services to all Canadians, at an affordable price. By providing our services online, we are able to do so, no matter where in Canada (or the world) you are located. While meeting in person is nice, we think the affordability, ease and flexibility of offering our services online far outweighs any benefit in-person meetings provide and has not compromised our ability to help all our students get into law school and the legal profession.

When will I receive my services?

As soon as you place your order for an individual service, or a package of services, you will receive an email confirmation and access to your G&G Portal, where you will complete your profile. Your profile gives us information about your location, interests, goals and current stage on your road to law. This gives us the intel we need to pair you with your own dedicated lawyer-advisor.

We then specifically pair you with a lawyer-advisor with a similar background and interests. This pairing process usually takes 24-48 hours and means you receive guidance from someone who understands where you’re coming from, and how to get you where you want to go.

Once paired, your lawyer-advisor will reach out and you’ll start receiving your services right away!

How will I receive my services?

All services are delivered via your very own G&G Portal, which you gain access to after completing your purchase.

Your G&G Portal has all the information you need to ensure smooth delivery of your services.

For example, we use Zoom to power our online video/chat with you, which allows us to talk face-to-face via video, send instant messages, and even share our screens with each other. Scheduling of your consultations takes place within your Portal, which will also contain all the information you need to join your consult at your selected time. Your Portal will also contain dial-in information if you’d prefer to attend your consult via phone.

Feel free to book a free consultation with one of our lawyer-advisors to see our Zoom video/chat in action.

How do I know which service or package is right for me?

We have numerous services and packages to meet your needs and your budget, no matter what stage you’re at on your road to a career in law. Check out our services page, which explains each of our available services in detail, or check out our packages page – which provides an overview of our 3 available packages: Thinking of Law, Applying to Law, and Finding Articles.

Our packages are a great option as they are tailored to whatever stage you’re at on your road to a career in law and include those services we have found to be most helpful at that stage. We offer 3 different levels for each of our packages – Basic, Plus and Gold. You simply pick the level that works for your budget.

If you need help picking a service or package simply schedule a free 10 minute free consultation with one our lawyer-advisors who will help guide you.

What is my G&G Portal?

Your G&G Portal is your very own secure private area of the Gown & Gavel website where you will receive all of your services. It is also where you will share information and documents with us, such as your profile, make appointments with your dedicated lawyer-advisor (eg: your Initial Consultation or Mock Interviews), and view and download documents prepared by your lawyer-advisor (eg: your Applicant Profile Assessment or Resume Review).

If you’d like to see a sneak peak of your G&G Portal, book a free consultation with one of our friendly lawyer-advisors. A G&G Portal is automatically created for you if you book a free consult!

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