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Our budget-friendly Finding Articles package, streamlined to include the key services you need to secure a summer student or articling position.

With the Basic option, your lawyer-advisor will review your cover letter and resume and provide detailed feedback to help you highlight the skills and experiences employers are looking for. Our Mock Interview will simulate law firm style interviews, helping you build confidence and come prepared for the tough questions on interview day.


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Overview of the Basic Option:Here's what will happen once you become an Finding Articles Basic member:

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After your purchase your Finding Articles Basic package, you will gain access to your very own G&G Portal and complete your profile, which we will use to pair you with your own dedicated lawyer-advisor.
Cover Letter Review
Your lawyer-advisor will conduct 1 review of your cover letter to help you make a great first impression by providing detailed feedback on grammar, sentence structure, and overall persuasiveness.
Resume Review
Your-lawyer advisor will conduct 1 review of your resume and provide feedback to help you showcase your skills and accomplishments.
60 Min Mock Interview
Your lawyer-advisor will simulate a law-firm style interview and provide you with feedback to help you build confidence and come prepared for the tough questions on interview day.
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An in-depth look:Everything you need to know about the services included in this package option

Your cover letter is the first place a potential employer will look. Your lawyer-advisor will help ensure you leave a great first impression.

Whether you’re applying for a summer student or articling position, your cover letter is your opportunity to distinguish yourself from the hundreds of other applicants with similar GPAs and non-academic achievements. A persuasive cover letter will:

    1. highlight your key experiences and skills;
    2. clearly express why you are interested in a position; and
    3. convey your understanding of the firm/employer’s practice areas, client industries, and culture.

If you’re applying to a firm/employer outside of your home city, you will also need to provide a compelling reason for your desire to relocate.


Given the number of applications received, firms/employers will often use cover letters as a means of eliminating applications. It is therefore vital that your cover letter be concise, persuasive, and free of grammatical errors to give you the best chance of success.

Our Cover Letter Review will help you make a great first impression. As a Basic member, your lawyer-advisor will review your cover letter once and provide detailed feedback on grammar and spelling, sentence and essay structure, idea organization, and ways to reduce word count. Your lawyer-advisor will also provide recommendations on how to highlight your experiences and skills, and tailor your cover letter to individual employers.

Your lawyer-advisor will provide feedback on your cover letter in the following areas:
  • Tips for tailoring your cover letter to individual employers
  • Structuring ideas and highlighting accomplishments
  • Overall structure and organization
  • Removing unnecessary/unwanted content
  • Grammar, spelling and sentence structure
Once you've grabbed your potential employer's attention with a compelling cover letter, it's time to snag that coveted interview! Your dedicated lawyer-advisor will help you draft a resume which highlights your accomplishments and lets your best strengths shine, leaving your potential employer excited to meet you.

Your resume is the primary component of your summer student or articling application. Law firms will use your resume to determine whether you have the requisite skills and experience for the position, and to identify potential concerns with your application, such as a perceived lack of commitment, or a significant gap in your employment history. Your resume can therefore make or break your job application.

A well-crafted resume will highlight your key employment and extra-curricular experiences; use compelling activity descriptions to demonstrate the qualities firms are looking for; and provide potential interviewers with engaging topics to discuss on interview day.

Our Resume Review will help you craft a resume which not only lists your accomplishments, but truly lets them shine – helping you secure an interview. As a Basic member, your lawyer-advisor will review your resume once to ensure it highlights the skills and experiences employers are looking for by providing detailed feedback on grammar, spelling and sentence structure, and persuasiveness of activity descriptions. This review will also include advice on which activities to include/exclude, strategies to reduce word count and minimize potential red flags, and ways to incorporate/develop compelling interview topics.

Your interview is the final stage in the job application process and your time to seal the deal and score your dream job! Your lawyer-advisor will help ensure that by the time your interview rolls around, you'll be able to confidently persuade your interviewers why you are the best candidate for the job.

A successful interview is the final step of the recruitment process, and the key to securing a summer student or articling position. On-campus interviews are used by firms to screen candidates for fit, while in-firm interviews are used to rank you against other top candidates, gauge your interest in the firm, and ultimately decide whether or not to extend you a summer student or articling offer.

Employers use different interview methods, including conversational, behavioral, and substantive. Individual interviewers will also vary in their preferred style – some take a casual approach, while others use challenging questions to test how well you perform under pressure. Most interviewers also assess your tone of voice, body language, and the way you present yourself, and all expect you to have thoughtful questions to ask about their firm or your preferred practice area/group.

Our Mock Interview will help prepare you for any scenario, build your confidence, and ultimately increase you chance of securing a position with your preferred employer. As a Basic member, your lawyer-advisor will conduct one mock interview and tailor the interview method and style to help you improve your interview skills where you need it most. Following your Mock Interview, your lawyer-advisor will provide feedback to help you improve your responses, tone, speech pattern, and body language.

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Frequently asked questions about this package.

How do I send you my draft resume and cover letter?

You will upload your drafts to your very own G&G portal on our website, where all your services will be delivered. If you’d like to gain access to a sample G&G Portal before purchase, book a free consultation.

How long will it take to receive my reviewed cover letter and resume?

We aim to send your revised document within 48 hours after you submit your draft.

* Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

How will my Mock Interview take place?

You choose! Either by phone, or online via video/chat, though we highly recommend taking advantage of our online video/chat option as this will allow us to assess your non-verbal cues such as body language.

We use Zoom to power our online video/chat with you, which allows us to talk face-to-face via video, send instant messages, and even share our screens with each other. It all works with a single click, and you can even make a test call before starting. Feel free to book a free consultation with one of our lawyer-advisors to see our Zoom video/chat in action!

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