The Admissions Action Plan* is designed to make you more competitive for admission to law school. Your lawyer-advisor will develop a personalized admissions strategy tailored to your strengths, weaknesses and admission timeline, as well as your location, interests and goals.

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About this service:

About this service:

*must be purchased with the Applicant Profile Assessment, or as part of the Thinking of Law package

One of the biggest advantages of planning ahead is being able to improve your competitiveness as a law school applicant well before it’s time to apply.  In most cases, admissions committees consider far more than you GPA and LSAT score when deciding who to offer admission, including your employment history, extracurricular activities, and volunteer activities. This means you have many different ways in which you can increase your competitiveness beyond your GPA and LSAT score – so take advantage!

Our Admissions Action Plan is designed to do exactly that – allow you to maximize your competitiveness across all admission criteria, giving you the best chance of being offered admission when you apply. Your lawyer-advisor will review your Applicant Profile Assessment and make recommendations to help you improve your score across all admission criteria, with specific focus on your weakest areas. These recommendations will be tailored to your location, interests and goals, giving you a personalized action plan for improvement. Your Admission Action Plan will also consider where you’re at on your road to becoming a lawyer, including a visual timeline showing important deadlines to keep your admissions plan on track.

Categories of recommendations:


Opportunities in your community to gain valuable experience and insight


Extra-curricular opportunities tailored to your current school/location


Academic courses and strategies for improvement in your school/area


Recommended volunteer opportunities in your community

LSAT Score

Options and suggestions for improving your LSAT score

Examples of recommendations:Here are some previous Admissions Action Plan recommendations our students have received

Many students are not aware of the various clubs they can participate in, many of which are extremely helpful in improving your oral and written communication skills, and giving you a brief taste of some aspects of the law – like presenting oral arguments. Your lawyer-advisor may review the clubs available at your high school and suggest which ones to consider joining based on your interests and goals.

Many law firms are happy to take on volunteers, which gives you an opportunity to get a first-hand glimpse of what the legal profession is all about, and looks good on your resume and applications down the road. Some high schools, colleges and universities even allow internships with law firms for course credit. Your lawyer-advisor will know the details for your specific area and school and may suggest a similar volunteer opportunity you did not even know existed!

Lawyers write – a lot. As a result, your writing skills are a critical component of your law school application, and your application after law school when looking for the job of your dreams. Your lawyer-advisor may suggest a specific writing course in your school, or one available in your community, which will help you develop your writing skills.

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Thinking of Law

A package designed for anyone considering law school, working towards applying to law school, or simply wondering whether a career in law is right for them.

The Admissions Action Plan must be purchased together with an Applicant Profile Assessment and is most accurate when purchased as part of our Thinking of Law Plus or Gold packages, which also include an assessment of your written and/or oral communication skills.

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Frequently asked questions about this service.

When will I receive my Admissions Action Plan?

Once you purchase this service (or purchase a package which includes it), you will gain access to your very own G&G portal on our website, where you will complete your profile and be matched your own dedicated lawyer-advisor.

You will receive your Admissions Action Plan within 7 days of being matched, or within 7 days of receiving your Law School Eligibility Assessment if you purchased this service as part of a Thinking of Law package.

* See our terms and conditions for more details.

What is included in my Admissions Action Plan?

Every Admissions Action Plan is different. This is because every single Admissions Action Plan is personally created by each customer’s own dedicated lawyer-advisor based on their strengths, weaknesses, interests, goals and admission timeline.

Generally speaking, however, your Admissions Action Plan will include at least one recommendation in each of the admission criteria included in your Applicant Profile Assessment, along with a visual timeline showing you when key action items must be completed in order to meet your admissions timeline and goals.

When should I complete my Admissions Action Plan?

Your timeline will depend on where you’re at on your road to becoming a lawyer and your ideal law school start date. Your Admissions Action Plan will include a visual timeline of when key action items are due based on your admission goals.

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Thinking of Law

A package designed for anyone considering law school, working towards applying to law school, or simply wondering whether a career in law is right for them.

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