During your Job Search Strategy Session, your lawyer-advisor will help you secure a summer student or articling position by providing advice on how to navigate the recruitment process, network more effectively, or access the hidden job market.

About this service:

About this service:

Securing an in-firm interview is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successfully navigating the recruitment process. Applicants will have to make a number of strategic decisions throughout interview week, including deciding when to schedule interviews with different firms, which meal invitations to accept or receptions to attend, when to follow-up with interviewers, and most importantly, which firm to indicate as their top choice.

Potential employers will infer your interest in their firm from your actions, and will also send you cues to demonstrate their interest in you. During your Job Search Strategy Session, your lawyer-advisor will advise you on how to properly play your cards to ensure you remain at the top of a potential employer’s list.

Making the right connections can be the key to securing a summer or articling position. Applicants participating in the summer student recruitment process will have no shortage of opportunities to network with lawyers during firm tours, receptions, and other firm-sponsored events, but often have trouble capitalizing on these opportunities. Similarly, applicants seeking a position outside of the formal recruitment process are often searching for opportunities to get in front of lawyers. During your Job Search Strategy Session, your lawyer-advisor can provide you with tips to make the most of networking events and get noticed by employers.

Many applicants make the mistake of restricting their job search to those firms participating in the formal summer student and articling student recruitment processes. By doing so, they are missing out on potential articling positions with boutique firms, in-house legal departments, and other alternative legal employers. During your Job Search Strategy Session, your lawyer-advisor can help you access this hidden job market by advising you on where to look for opportunities, as well as how and when to reach out.

30 Minutes

Your Job Search Strategy Session will last 30 minutes

Via phone

If you prefer, your Job Search Strategy Session can take place by phone

Video chat

Another option is to conduct your Job Search Strategy session via online video/chat.

Types of Advice:During your session your lawyer-advisor can help you with any step of your job search, including how to:

  • Successfully navigate the recruitment process
  • Network more effectively
  • Access the hidden job market

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Finding Articles

This package is for those who’ve made it through law school and are looking to land the job of their dreams; includes everything you need to refine your application and interview skills to stand out from the crowd.

Your Job Search Strategy Session is more effective when paired with the Cover Letter Review and Resume Review, both of which can further maximize your job search efforts by ensuring your cover letter and resume are as persuasive as possible. Consider purchasing one of our packages which combines these services and saves you money.

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Frequently asked questions about this service.

How will I be matched with my lawyer-advisor?

Once you purchase your Job Search Strategy Session (or purchase a package which includes it), you will gain access to your very own G&G portal,where you will complete your profile. The information collected in your profile will give us the information we need to pair you with you own dedicated lawyer-advisor, who we specifically select based on your interests, school, and goals. Your lawyer-advisor will then reach out to schedule your Job Search Strategy Session.

How will my Job Search Strategy Session be conducted?

You choose! Either by phone, or online via video/chat.

We use Zoom to power our online video/chat, which allows us to talk face-to-face via video, send instant messages, and even share our screens with each other. It all works with a single click, and you can even make a test call before starting. Feel free to book a free consultation with one of our lawyer-advisors to see our Zoom video/chat in action.

Can you give me information about a specific employer?

No – your lawyer-advisor will provide general advice regarding how firms conduct interviews and select candidates, but cannot provide you with any inside information about a particular firm. However, your lawyer-advisor can and will  discuss strategies to gain insights into the firms you are interested in.

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