Our Letters of Reference Advice will help ensure you have the right person in your corner. Your lawyer-advisor will help you decide who to ask for a reference, how to ask them, when to do so, and how to follow up.


About this service:

About this service:

A compelling letter of reference can be a key part of your law school or articling application. Many schools and employers will rely on your letters of reference for an impartial assessment of your personal qualities, skills, and experience. A strong letter of reference can come from a professor or former employer who knows you well, and should be from someone who is willing to provide a reference which goes above and beyond the norm.

Admissions committees and recruiters have reviewed hundreds of reference letters and can easily distinguish between a genuine endorsement and a stock, impersonal letter. Selecting the right referee is therefore crucial, particularly in the case of law school applications which require your referee to submit their letter directly to the institution, without giving you a chance to review it first.

Our Letters of Reference Advice will help ensure you have the right person in your corner. Your lawyer-advisor will help you determine who to ask for a reference, how to ask them, what information to provide them with, and how to follow-up to ensure their letter is submitted on time.

Who to ask

Your lawyer-advisor will help you determine who to ask for a reference

How to ask

Once you know who to ask for a reference, your lawyer-advisor will help guide you on how to ask

How to follow-up

People are busy – your lawyer-advisor will help guide you on how to gently nudge your reference to ensure your letter is submitted on time

How does it work?Find out exactly what the Letters of Reference Advice is all about

Once you purchase Letters of Reference Advice, you will gain access to your G&G Portal, where you will complete your profile. This profile will give us information about your interests and goals, allowing us to pair you with your own dedicated lawyer-advisor who we feel is best suited for you.

Once matched, you will book your Letters of Reference Advice session with your dedicated lawyer-advisor through your G&G Portal, selecting whatever time works best for you within your lawyer-advisor’s availability. When scheduling your session, you will have the option to select whether you would like the advice to be via phone or online video/chat.

Whether your Letters of Reference Advice is delivered via phone or online video/chat, the first step is the same – your lawyer-advisor will ask you a number of questions in order to better understand your current situation and possible people to act as a reference.

Once you’ve narrowed down who to ask, your lawyer-advisor will walk you through how to ask, and give you tips and suggestions for how to follow-up with your selected reference if they have not submitted a letter of reference by a certain time. Part of this discussion will be setting a timeline for each stage in the process to ensure your letter arrives at your institution or employer on time to be considered.

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Frequently asked questions about this service.

How will my Letters of Reference Advice take place?

You choose! Either by phone, or online via video/chat.

We use Zoom to power our online video/chat, which allows us to talk face-to-face via video, send instant messages, and even share our screens with each other. It all works with a single click, and you can even make a test call before starting. Feel free to book a free consultation with one of our lawyer-advisors to see our Zoom video/chat in action.

How long will my session be?

60 minutes

What if I have no one to ask?

For many of our students the letter of reference component of the law school or summer student/articling application can be the most intimidating part as it feels as if this component is out of your control, that there is no one to ask, or that anyone you do ask would be uncomfortable with the task. This is simply untrue! In our experience, this component need not be intimidating at all – everyone has someone to ask, who would be more than happy to help – you just need to figure out who that is.

That is where we come in. During your session you lawyer-advisor will work with you one-on-one to help you determine who your reference should be, and how to go about asking for their help.

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