The One-on-One Consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss, in-depth, your strengths and weaknesses as an overall law school applicant and develop a plan to ensure your law school application down the road is as good as it can be.

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About this service:

About this service:

Your dedicated lawyer-advisor is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Not only were they once a student exactly in your position, but they also applied just like you, and got accepted to the school of their choice. Many of our lawyer-advisors have also served on law firm hiring committees, giving them unparalleled insight into what qualities are valued in a future lawyer, and how committees decide which applicants to extend an offer to.

Having access to this knowledge, experience and insight can give you the edge and motivation you need to succeed. That is why we offer a One-on-One Consultation with your dedicated lawyer-advisor – so you can take advantage of this opportunity to ask any questions you have. For example, many of our students ask about some of their other services and the assessments they received, others ask about the law school admissions process, or even what the legal profession is truly like. Your One-on-One consultation is also a great time to develop a concrete plan to ensure you are ready to go when it’s time to apply to law school.

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Common topics discussed:Take advantage of your one-one-one consultation to ask all of your burning questions

Many of our customers who purchased the One-on-One Consultation through our a Thinking of Law package take advantage of their consultation to ask follow-up questions about their Applicant Profile Assessment scores, how they were determined, and what they can do to improve them. Others ask questions about different assessments received as part of the same or another package.

We understand how confusing and complicated the law school admissions process can be if you haven’t been through it. Many of our students use their One-on-One Consultation to ask about the law school admissions process in Candaa so they can ensure they are prepared.

Some of our students are considering law school, but are still unsure if a career in law is the right choice for them. The One-on-On consultation is a great way to learn more about what being a lawyer is truly like and whether it is right for you.

There are so many law schools in Canada that it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down your top choices. Your dedicated lawyer-advisor can help you understand what is important to consider.

Law schools consider a number of different factors when deciding which applicants to accept. Talking to your lawyer-advisor about these factors can help you understand what is important, and where to focus your efforts.

bundle & save.

Our packages bundle our most popular services together, saving you time and money.

Thinking of Law

A package designed for anyone considering law school, working towards applying to law school, or simply wondering whether a career in law is right for them.

The One-on-One Consultation is most effective when paired with the Applicant Profile Assessment, which allows your lawyer-advisor to rate your extra-curricular involvement, volunteer and work experience, etc. and gives you the chance to delve deeper into issues that directly affect you and your interests, skills and goals. Consider purchasing both individually or as part of a package to take full advantage of each service.

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Frequently asked questions about this service.

When/how do I schedule my One-on-One Consultation?

After you purchase the One-on-One Consultation (or a package which includes it), you will gain access to your very own G&G portal. There you will complete your profile, be matched with a lawyer-advisor, and receive a link to your lawyer-advisor’s calendar, where you can book your One-on-One Consultation whenever is most convenient for you. Feel free to book a free consultation to test how it all works!

How will my One-on-One Consultation take place?

You choose! Either by phone, online chat or video conference.

We use Zoom to power our online video conference/chat, which allows us to talk face-to-face via video, send instant messages, and even share our screens with each other. It all works with a single click, and you can even make a test call before starting. Feel free to book a free consultation with one of our lawyer-advisors to see our Zoom video/chat in action.

What if I'm nervous?!

No worries, happens to the best of us! That’s why we pride ourselves on being open and easy-going, but if you’re still nervous we recommend a One-on-One Consultation via online chat – you can still ask all of your questions, but many of our customers find it easier than a phone call or face-to-face video meeting.

Plus, if you purchased this service as part of a package, you’ll have had plenty of time with your lawyer-advisor to get rid of your nerves!

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The Law School Admissions Assessment is included in the following packages:

Thinking of Law

A package designed for anyone considering law school, working towards applying to law school, or simply wondering whether a career in law is right for them.

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