Your personal statement is your best opportunity to persuade the Admissions Committee. Our Personal Statement Review will help you stand out from the crowd and ensure your greatest strengths shine.

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About this service:

About this service:

Most law schools require applicants to submit a personal statement (or statement of interest). Your personal statement is your best opportunity to persuade the admissions committee – it allows you to tell your story beyond your GPA and LSAT score. While the requirements vary from school to school, the personal statement is generally intended to:

    1. convey your motivations for applying to law school and why you want to attend the specific law school in question;
    2. highlight your non-academic achievements and other life experiences; and
    3. explain any circumstances that either contributed or detracted from your academic success.

The admissions committee will use your personal statement to help distinguish you from the hundreds of other applicants with similar GPAs and LSAT scores. That is why a strong personal statement can mean the difference between acceptance, and a letter of regret.

Our Personal Statement Review will help you stand out from the crowd. Your lawyer-advisor will diligently review your personal statement and provide detailed feedback in a variety of areas including grammar and sentence structure, essay structure and idea organization, overall persuasiveness, articulation of personal strengths and experiences, and compliance with school-specific topics and word count limits.

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A lawyer-advisor will review your first draft of your personal statement

Unlimited reviews

A lawyer-advisor will review your 1st draft, and an unlimited number of subsequent drafts to ensure your final version is as compelling and persuasive as possible

Type of feedbackYour lawyer-advisor will provide feedback on your personal statement in the following areas:

  • Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure
  • Essay structure and idea organization
  • Articulation of personal strengths and experiences
  • Overall persuasiveness
  • Compliance with word count limits

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The Personal Statement Review is most effective when paired with our Brainstorming Session, which allows you to work one-on-one with your dedicated lawyer-advisor to develop ideas for your personal statement prior to writing your first draft. Consider purchasing one of our packages which combines these services and saves you money.

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Frequently asked questions about this service.

How do I send you my draft personal statement?

You will upload your draft to your very own G&G portal on our website, where all your services will be delivered. If you’d like to gain access to a sample G&G Portal before purchase, book a free consultation.

How long will it take to receive my reviewed personal statement?

We aim to send your revised document within 48 hours after you submit your draft.

* Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

Can you write my initial personal statement for me?

It is important that your personal statement be originally written by you – it is all about you after all! That is why this service is designed to review/edit your first draft – not help you initially draft it. However, if you’re having trouble getting started, try our Brainstorming Session.

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